Youtap Cloud

Contactless payment processing for mobile money and real-time banking, in-store, on the street, in the field, and for transport.

Youtap Cloud Services enable real-time transaction processing for contactless mobile money and bank wallet payments in growth markets. With Youtap Cloud Services, banks and mobile money operators can integrate merchant payments quickly and get an edge over the competition.

Take your mobile money business beyond transfers and cash out

Cloud delivered multi-tenanted mobile money services

Fully featured retail enablement solution

Analytics and reporting for merchants and customers

Integrates with existing digital wallets and merchant point of sale devices


Fast, secure payment processing in-store, on the street, and for transport

Fast implementation

Youtap Cloud Services are white-labelled and delivered in weeks – not months. Merchants with a participating mobile money service can download the app, register, and start processing digital payments in less than 24 hours.

Safe and secure

Our encrypted payment processing keeps data safe and secure. We manage software configuration and implementation, so banks and mobile money providers can focus on go-to-market initiatives and merchant acquisition.

Fully supported

Our local in-market teams and partners can provide go-to-market support to help ensure a successful launch and a quick transition to processing mobile money payments.

Easy checkout & payment acceptance

  • Acceptance of a wide range of payment types including QR code, NFC contactless payments.
  • Integration to in-store retail solutions
  • White-labelled payment apps for consumer and merchant acquisition

Cloud-delivered processing solution

  • Integration to our cloud processing service through private or public cloud
  • White label consumer and merchant apps
  • Processing for QR code, NFC ‘Tap & Pay’, EMV, and MSR payments
  • Simple setup and transaction-based pricing model.

Access to a wide range of POS devices

  • Low cost POS devices from Youtap
  • Range of Ingenico and Verifone devices
  • Reuse of existing POS devices currently in-market

Analytics and analysis

  • Wide range of consumer and merchant reports
  • Detailed transaction analytics
  • Reporting on merchant and consumer transactions and terminal acquisition usage

White label apps

For merchants and consumers

Youtap Merchant App

Youtap Pay App

Everything you need to start taking payments today:

Included Payment Methods

Youtap Merchant App

Accept NFC, QR code, and MSISDN entry payments; static and dynamic QR codes; show or scan QR code; cash in/cash out; bill payments, airtime topup and more.

Merchant POS Application

Accept NFC and manual MSISDN entry payments with the Youtap X8 device; cash in/cash out; Tag/Card registration.

Youtap Pay App

Make QR code, NFC and manual MSISDN payments; scan or show QR code; check balance and transaction history.

Pay with QR Codes

Static (printed) and dynamic (app) merchant QR codes; static (app) customer QR codes; centralised, secure QR code generation.

Pay with NFC

Branded NFC Tags/ Cards/ Wearables (supplied by Youtap); NFC Phones* (HCE). *iOS supports reading NFC but not presenting NFC.

Pay with manual entry

Enter MSISDN or merchant ID numbers for customers or merchants without QR codes or NFC.

PIN-on-POS or PIN-in-App

Standard is enter PIN on POS device or in-app; additional option is USSD PIN entry.

Optional Bundles

Provided POS Devices from Verifone and Ingenico
  • Youtap Merchant POS Application for Verifone or Ingenico devices purchased by provider
In-market Merchant Acquirer/Bank POS
  • Integration to existing in-market POS devices (x1)
  • (Requires support from Merchant Acquirer/Bank)
In-market Transport Gates/Readers
  • Integration to existing transport readers/gates (x1)
  • (Requires support from transport operator)
  • PIN-over-USSD
  • USSD Service Registration
  • (Requires support from mobile operator)
  • Biometric Fingerprint Registration
  • Biometric Fingerprint Authentication
  • Integration to national biometric database
  • (Requires support from biometric database provider)
Youtap Wallet App
  • Full Youtap Wallet App integrated into Youtap Wallet services or 3rd Party Wallet
Social Messenger Payments Bot
  • Facebook Messenger Payments Bot
  • Whatsapp Payments Bot (when available)
Open Loop Visa/MasterCard
  • Visa/MasterCard Card Acceptance

Included Use Cases / Services

Merchant Payments

Cash In / Cash Out

Give Back Change

NFC Tag/Card Registration

PLUS Tag/Card Registration, Domestic Send Money (Cash In to another account), Balance Check, Change PIN, Transaction History (in Apps & POS Application)

All use cases support combinations of the Youtap Merchant App, Youtap Merchant POS Application, Youtap Pay App, printed QR codes, NFC tags/cards and phones, manual entry, and PIN-on-POS or PIN-in-App.

Optional Bundles

Agent Services
  • Airtime Topup
  • Bill Payments
  • Sell EVD / EVD transfer
  • Buy EVD / Buy bulk EVD
Transport Services
  • Online-Offline Stored Value Payments
  • PIN-less Payments
  • Merchant Payments Specific Item (e.g. transport fare, gas bottle, digital content)
  • Merchant Payments Limited Merchant Acceptance (e.g. for use of welfare funds)
  • Balance to Balance Transfer (e.g. transfer to Transport balance)
  • Low Balance Auto Topup
Disbursements & Welfare Services
  • Online-Offline Stored Value Payments
  • PIN-less Payments
  • Receive Welfare Payments
  • Give and Receive Donations
  • Merchant Payments Specific Item (e.g. transport fare, gas bottle, digital content)
  • Merchant Payments Limited Outlet Acceptance (e.g. for use of welfare funds)
  • External and bulk payments from bank to wallet (e.g. wages, loans, welfare)
  • KYC Capture and Service Registration
  • NFC Tag/Card Registration
  • Consumer Balance Check, Change PIN, at POS
Consumer Engagement Services
  • Promotion/Reward Receipt & Redemption at POS
  • Loyalty Points Receipt & Redemption at POS
  • Digital Media Advertising Engagement (e.g. tap, scan, touch on Smart POS devices to receive)
  • Merchant Payments Specific Item (e.g. transport fare, gas bottle, digital content)
  • NFC Tag/Card Registration
  • Consumer Balance Check, Change PIN, at POS
Micro Finance Services
  • KYC Capture and Service Registration (Loans, Insurance, Savings Account)
  • Receive Loan (all or part as cash)
  • Make Loan/Insurance Payment
International Remittance Services
  • Send money from POS to in-country wallet user
  • Send money from POS to in-country non wallet user
  • Receive money as cash in-country at POS as wallet/non wallet user (tokenised)
  • Receive money internationally direct to wallet
  • Send money internationally direct from wallet
P2P Transfer Wallet Services
  • KYC Capture and Wallet Registration
  • P2P Transfers
  • Airtime Topup
  • Digital Item Payments
  • Transfer from/to bank account
  • External and bulk payments from bank to wallet (e.g. wages, loans, welfare)
Consumer & Merchant Insights Services
  • End-of-day and real-time transaction reporting
  • Service provider insights and analytics dashboard for desktop and mobile
  • Merchant insights and analytics dashboard for mobile

Recommended Merchant Acceptance

Static Merchant QR Code

Printed on provider’s templates using Youtap’s secure QR code generation service.

In-market Smartphones

Using the Youtap Merchant App and Youtap Pay App, branded for your service.

Youtap X8

Specially designed to accelerate mass market mobile money payment acceptance in the world’s most challenging environments. Provided exclusively through Youtap.

MobiWire Mobiprint 3

High quality, affordable counter-top Smart POS device from MobiWire, supplied through Youtap, for contactless payments with the Youtap Merchant App.

PCI compliant Verifone & Ingenico POS devices

Youtap supplies Verifone and Ingenico devices as part of a complete solution supporting open loop payments. Youtap also offer integration services to support in-market devices.

Recommended NFC Tags / Cards

Youtap NFC Tags

PVC adhesive tags, 25mm round, branded

Youtap NFC Cards

PVC cards, standard size, optional magstripe, branded

Processing Plans


Up to 25,000 transactions per month


Up to 50,000 transactions per month


Up to 250,000 transactions per month


Up to 1,000,000 transactions per month

Processor Plus

Over 1,000,000 transactions per month

YOUTAP CLOUD SERVICES are provided through a:

Sign-on Fee covering integration, configuration, testing, training and go-live;

Monthly Access Fee for access to and support of included payment methods and services;

Monthly Processing Fee based on the required processing plan.

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