Auckland, Jakarta, Nairobi and Singapore – Youtap has introduced an inexpensive retail enablement solution to help mobile network operators, banks and payment providers boost transaction revenue. Youtap’s solution enables Tier 2 and Tier 3 merchants to accept NFC and QR code-based mobile money payments at the curb side.

The solution relies on Youtap’s NFC X8, a small, discreet point-of-sale device that can fit easily in a merchant’s pocket or be worn around the neck. The X8 can process all mobile money transactions, including cash-in and cash-out transactions, airtime top-ups, bill payments and in-store payments.

The X8 is ideal for mobile airtime resellers, small shops, wet markets, street vendors, taxi drivers and other transport operators who need a secure and convenient way to accept mobile money. Unlike a smartphone, the X8 has no street value, so there is a low risk of theft.

More than 20 mobile operators have already implemented Youtap’s payment technologies to drive transaction revenue at Tier 1 retailers, including Carrefour, KFC and McDonald’s. The challenge has been how to extend mobile money acceptance to Tier 2 and Tier 3 merchants. Traditional terminals are often expensive, resulting in a challenge to persuade small business owners to buy them. With the X8, they can start accepting mobile money anywhere for a low or subsidised entry cost.

Mike Johnston is Chief Technology Officer of Youtap and oversaw the development of the X8. He said merchants in all markets were asking for simple, durable, low-cost devices for accepting mobile money payments.

“Working with our factory in China, we have designed a water- and heat-resistant terminal with excellent battery life, a large keypad for merchants and a clear readable screen”, said Johnston.

The X8 is part of a new Youtap range of low-cost terminals supporting a wide range of payment types, from QR code acceptance to NFC tap and pay. With mobile network operators phasing out 2G GPRS networks around the world, the X8 device is produced in two versions, GPRS (X8-92) and 3G (X8-93), which conform to international security standards and protocols. They are over-the-air supportable with remote software updates and new feature deployment.

In addition to mobile money acceptance, the X8 payment solution provides the user a transaction ledger and know-your-customer (KYC) data collection. These functions help merchants manage the administrative part of the business.

The X8 can be branded and coloured to suit the requirements of a bank, mobile operator or payment service provider. It can be worn around the neck, making it convenient for transport operators, wet market vendors and street merchants, or it can be attached to an in-store countertop. For details on the X8 or any of Youtap’s product range, email

About Youtap

Youtap is a global provider of contactless mobile payments and financial services software enabling mobile money and stored value wallet customers to tap and pay at any point of sale using any device. Youtap’s secure NFC and QR code solutions support payment acceptance for contactless and non-contactless cards, NFC tags and wearables and NFC phones. Youtap supports MNOs and retailers by incorporating loyalty programs and other responsive functionalities that benefit both consumers and merchants.

Youtap was the first company in the world to pioneer the use of NFC stickers, wearables and cards integrated into a mobile money wallet. Youtap’s terminals and associated payment gateway products conform to the latest standards for open- and closed-loop payment acceptance.